Hi fam, we have great news today!

We were working very hard to bring this situation into reality. We successfully lowered production costs, negotiated smaller shipping fees and optimized our payment processing system. Also, We changed our currency from Euro (€) to US Dollar ($). Although this change doesn’t sound huge, this is the main factor for price fluctuation.

As the results of our hard work, We can deliver you great prices on long-term, not just as seasonal discounts. Prices fluctuated 30% to 40% of its initial value.

Another surprise We are bringing on the table is faster shipping with 7-14 days of estimated delivery time. If You count processing time (2-3 days), You can expect your order delivered in no longer than 17 days, and in the best situation (Luck lever over 9999) you can get it in 10 days! But because shipping is not completely in our control, we can’t guarantee you 100% delivery time, so this is just estimates.

Hope you’ll love this news. Stay strong, salute!

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